If you have been displaced by any of the disaster events in BC and need a place for your Miniature Horse(s), we may have options in your area of the province via our fostering and adopters network.  Please email: info@pipsqueakpaddocks.com

If you are able to offer hauling or housing for Miniature Horses, please sign up to our mailing list.  I cannot keep track of all of the offers, so I will send out bulletins when someone needs help and you can respond if it's within your area and means.

Thank you!

Join our mailing list.

Usually this is for alerts when Minis are available. Right now it is also for folks to sign up to help with hauling or housing for Minis in the disaster zones around BC. Sign up if you can help and then you'll get the bulletins and can decide if each one is something within your area and means.