We couldn't leave them now...

Well.  Things are going to change.

I will put my statement outlining our big change at the end of this entry.  The short version is this... we are going to be morphing from an active rescue into a safety net for the nearly 300 Minis already under our umbrella.  I am going to be spending my time checking up on all of our Minis and rehoming the handful that seem to make their way back to us each year for various reasons.

We aren't quite done yet though!  Our last surrender will be arriving in a couple of weeks.  Meanwhile, let's see what's been happening...

Petra left yesterday for her new adoptive home.  Sweet Delta had passed away, leaving Posy lonely, and so Petra has gone to be her new friend.

Amelia is going to hang out until April, as her new family is going on a big vacation for most of March.  Then she will join two other elderly Minis over on the Island.  They are really looking forward to having her there!

Chester and Peter Pan are both going to be adopted by their foster homes - who are both thrilled!  

Delilah's big buddy did not seem to appreciate the addition to the herd, so she has come back to us.  She has already got a new family eagerly awaiting her arrival though!

Buddy has also come back to us and we're sure it won't be long before he's got a new family to call his own.

Here is Peter Pan with his new big brother, our old pal Archer!  (Archer is not big at all... Peter Pan is just that small!  LOL)

Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniature Horse Haven Society is going to be shifting gears.  We will remain a Society and Charity, but our mandate is morphing.  We will now be focussing on ensuring that the nearly 300 Miniature Horses and small ponies under our umbrella remain safe, healthy and happy.  Seeing as our youngest Mini was just born, this will be our mandate for the next 30+ years.   

We will be here to welcome back any previously adopted Minis and any herd mates who need to come in with them.  We will also be here to honour agreements made with folks who have named the Society in their will as the place their Minis will go, if the worst should happen.   

We will be reformatting the website to help educate people on the safest way to re-home their own Minis, as well as providing information on Mini care in general.  We will also keep trying to connect folks who are looking for Minis with folks who are looking to re-home Minis in their region of the province.  With our vast network, built over the past 13 years, we also hope to be able to assist Minis in need of rescue to find new situations in their own regions.   

I am very proud of the rescue work we have done.  Everyone who has been a part of our team over the years should be as well.  We have made a real difference for Miniature Horses in BC.   

It has also been a privilege to assist hundreds of people who have had to make the heartbreaking decision to give up their Minis.  So many folks have been able to find peace with their decision once we discussed our process with them.  Life happens, and we have always been happy to help those folks who just wanted the best for their Minis.  In order to fulfill our promise to those folks and the hundreds of Minis already under our umbrella, we need to make this change.   

Why now?  There are many reasons, some have been slowly building and others are new.  There are some major changes happening on the property where our main facility is.  We will no longer to be able to house as many Minis at once here.  Yes, we have amazing foster homes, but having the Minis come in to the main facility first for assessment and vet care is essential.  I believe that this centralization was the key to our success for so long.  Also, though we are a Society, there is one person who does the bulk of the work in every department.  That person is me, and I am weary.  LOL  It has been an amazing 13 years.  You will never know what this Society and our work has meant for me personally.  What the teamwork and friendships built have meant to me.  I needed this as much as the Minis did... we rescued each other. 

Now though, the more stressful aspects of running a rescue are taking their toll on heart, mind, and soul.  However, I feel excited about touching base with all of our adopters and even visiting as many of our Minis as I can.  I am looking forward to making charts and graphs with the data we have gathered about Mini rescue.  I am totally stoked about adding new photos and stories to each Mini's page on our website!  I will also be very happy to welcome back any of our adopted Minis who need us again.  Life happens, to us all.  It is my job to ensure that it is a good life all around.

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