Yep, we win.

So yes, it's been a while!  Life has been rather busy... or rather, I actually have a life!  LOL  Luckily this has happened in a record-breaking slow period for us!  We have not had this few Minis since we were starting up.  I am hoping beyond hope that this means we have perhaps actually made a difference in this province after 12 years of educating the public and gelding well over 100 stallions!  Fingers crossed!

So, let's see what's been happening...

TJ is adopted!
Merrilee is adopted!
Paddington is adopted!

Our old pals Whisper, Tuffi and Blizzard had to come back and try again for new homes when their families broke up.  They are now set up again for great futures!

We had a very cute little pregnant mare named Minnow come in.  She was adopted out and should be having her foal pretty quick!  

Timothy is still just hanging out here.  We are hoping that his perfect match will happen soon since he is now gelded and all healed up.

We picked up a very sweet little dude this past weekend.  He was all alone after his big horse pal passed away and his family wanted him to have a new home with buddies.  I am thinking that he'll be a nice match for Whisper, who has been waiting for a pal of her own!  One of our Mini-Heroes, Sierra, has named him "Cinder".


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