Caring from the Classroom is a project inspired by Kathy Wright and her 2009/2010 grade 3/4 class.

Mrs. Wright and her students took it upon themselves to raise funds for Pipsqueak Paddocks and educate themselves about Miniature Horses and being good animal stewards.  Among other areas such as teamwork, research, writing, public speaking and art, they have incorporated math skills by graphing their fundraising progress.  We hope that other teachers will be inspired to formulate their own project.

Mrs Wright's class had a visit from Glee, a success story and Pipsqueak Paddocks' first rescue case.  Her adopted owner, Margaret, was happy to take her to the school so that the kids could meet her.  Everybody had a blast!  The kids also had the opportunity to name "Apple", who was the next Mini who came to us after they made their amazing donation of $400!    

Pipsqueak Paddocks would like to thank Kathy Wright for her vision and for understanding the importance of teaching children to care about the world around them and that they CAN make a difference!
Click here to view a video created by Mrs. Wright, documenting her class' adventures in social responsibility.

The students developed skills in art, writing, teamwork  and public speaking.  They created donation boxes for the other classrooms and made a presentation to each grade in their school. 

The students honed their math skills by graphing their fundraising progress.  The chart reached the ceiling!

The terrific Thank You banner from the class for Margaret and Glee. 
It is hanging in the barn for everyone to see!