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We lost our dear little Mulligan.

Amelia had a change of plans and has now been adopted by our vet!  Wahoo!

Delilah has gone off to her new family and they love her to bits already!

Buddy has some folks coming to meet him this weekend.

And, we have our last surrender here now...  Meet Trinket!


We couldn't leave them now... 

Well.  Things are going to change.

I will put my statement outlining our big change at the end of this entry.  The short version is this... we are going to be morphing from an active rescue into a safety net for the nearly 300 Minis already under our umbrella.  I am going to be spending my time checking up on all of our Minis and rehoming the handful that seem to make their way back to us each year for various reasons.

We aren't quite done yet though!  Our last surrender will be arriving in a couple of weeks.  Meanwhile, let's see what's been happening...

Petra left yesterday for her new adoptive home.  Sweet Delta had passed away, leaving Posy lonely, and so Petra has gone to be her new friend.

Amelia is going to hang out until April, as her new family is going on a big vacation for most of March.  Then she will join two other elderly Minis over on the Island.  They are really looking forward to having her there!

Chester and Peter Pan are both going to be adopted by their foster homes - who are both thrilled!  

Delilah's big buddy did not seem to appreciate the addition to the herd, so she has come back to us.  She has already got a new family eagerly awaiting her arrival though!

Buddy has also come back to us and we're sure it won't be long before he's got a new family to call his own.

Here is Peter Pan with his new big brother, our old pal Archer!  (Archer is not big at all... Peter Pan is just that small!  LOL)

Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniature Horse Haven Society is going to be shifting gears.  We will remain a Society and Charity, but our mandate is morphing.  We will now be focussing on ensuring that the nearly 300 Miniature Horses and small ponies under our umbrella remain safe, healthy and happy.  Seeing as our youngest Mini was just born, this will be our mandate for the next 30+ years.   

We will be here to welcome back any previously adopted Minis and any herd mates who need to come in with them.  We will also be here to honour agreements made with folks who have named the Society in their will as the place their Minis will go, if the worst should happen.   

We will be reformatting the website to help educate people on the safest way to re-home their own Minis, as well as providing information on Mini care in general.  We will also keep trying to connect folks who are looking for Minis with folks who are looking to re-home Minis in their region of the province.  With our vast network, built over the past 13 years, we also hope to be able to assist Minis in need of rescue to find new situations in their own regions.   

I am very proud of the rescue work we have done.  Everyone who has been a part of our team over the years should be as well.  We have made a real difference for Miniature Horses in BC.   

It has also been a privilege to assist hundreds of people who have had to make the heartbreaking decision to give up their Minis.  So many folks have been able to find peace with their decision once we discussed our process with them.  Life happens, and we have always been happy to help those folks who just wanted the best for their Minis.  In order to fulfill our promise to those folks and the hundreds of Minis already under our umbrella, we need to make this change.   

Why now?  There are many reasons, some have been slowly building and others are new.  There are some major changes happening on the property where our main facility is.  We will no longer to be able to house as many Minis at once here.  Yes, we have amazing foster homes, but having the Minis come in to the main facility first for assessment and vet care is essential.  I believe that this centralization was the key to our success for so long.  Also, though we are a Society, there is one person who does the bulk of the work in every department.  That person is me, and I am weary.  LOL  It has been an amazing 13 years.  You will never know what this Society and our work has meant for me personally.  What the teamwork and friendships built have meant to me.  I needed this as much as the Minis did... we rescued each other. 

Now though, the more stressful aspects of running a rescue are taking their toll on heart, mind, and soul.  However, I feel excited about touching base with all of our adopters and even visiting as many of our Minis as I can.  I am looking forward to making charts and graphs with the data we have gathered about Mini rescue.  I am totally stoked about adding new photos and stories to each Mini's page on our website!  I will also be very happy to welcome back any of our adopted Minis who need us again.  Life happens, to us all.  It is my job to ensure that it is a good life all around.

That part will happen pretty definitely. 

First off - thank you all SO SO SO much for your support in 2016.  It was a bit of a "slow" year with a mere 50 Miniature Horses in our care throughout the year.  Once again - we could not do it without our supporter, donors, foster homes, volunteers and adopters!

Sam and Delilah have both been adopted!

The pair of Minis on the Island were taken in by the gal who was supposed to transport them here!  LOL  Love at first sight I suppose!  The 4 up in Armstrong also found homes nearby, which is wonderful as they won't have to go for a long haul in the middle of winter now!

The rest of Peter Pan's herd have all found homes.  Only Petra had to come off Island as the others all found homes over there, including the old gal Butterfly who was adopted by our emergency foster home.  I love that!  Petra already has a home lined up with our old pal Posy!

Our dear girl, Amelia, has come back to us to find a new home.  Her big buddy was leased out - so she needs to go somewhere with new horse friends.  She's just getting some vet work done and will meet a new potential family this week.

We have a new boy in, Chester.  He is a bundle of energy and a very fun guy.  However, he has been alone for 15 years and so is going out for socialization and manners training before we find an active home for him.  

Here he is, all bright eyed and bushy tailed!


Define "interesting". 


So, many, many, many things have been going on.  I'll start with the old crew...

Timothy was adopted!  YAY!  He went to a fabulous home where they say he's doing just great!

Cinder was indeed adopted to go be Whisper's pal.  She came down here to meet him, and then he stuck to her like glue when they went home.  He will love roaming the hillside acreage with her!

We had a couple of really quick in-an-outs because they were just too adorable for their foster families to bear.  LOL  Buddy and Toblerone were experts at batting their eyelashes and so ended up adopted immediately.

We have two new arrivals, Sam and Delilah who are just delightful.  They will soon be ready to go.

THEN, I have 8 Minis on the Island that I've been juggling.  Peter Pan has made it over here to our main facility... a darling lad who is about a 1 on the body scale.  27 years old and a real dear.  The other 5 from his herd are at a foster home on the Island until we can arrange transport - or until they are adopted... which 3, and maybe 4 as of this minute have been!  Another pair being picked up next week will make their way here.  

NOW, I have just gotten word of 4 up in Armstrong who need to make their way down here ASAP.  Always something happening!

I think that is all there is... ALL there is... hahaha.  If you guys only knew how much paperwork and physical work, heck - AND mental work each Mini generates... LOL  They are lucky they are cute!  :D

Here is a shot of the ever-sweet pair, Sam and Delilah...


Yep, we win. 

So yes, it's been a while!  Life has been rather busy... or rather, I actually have a life!  LOL  Luckily this has happened in a record-breaking slow period for us!  We have not had this few Minis since we were starting up.  I am hoping beyond hope that this means we have perhaps actually made a difference in this province after 12 years of educating the public and gelding well over 100 stallions!  Fingers crossed!

So, let's see what's been happening...

TJ is adopted!
Merrilee is adopted!
Paddington is adopted!

Our old pals Whisper, Tuffi and Blizzard had to come back and try again for new homes when their families broke up.  They are now set up again for great futures!

We had a very cute little pregnant mare named Minnow come in.  She was adopted out and should be having her foal pretty quick!  

Timothy is still just hanging out here.  We are hoping that his perfect match will happen soon since he is now gelded and all healed up.

We picked up a very sweet little dude this past weekend.  He was all alone after his big horse pal passed away and his family wanted him to have a new home with buddies.  I am thinking that he'll be a nice match for Whisper, who has been waiting for a pal of her own!  One of our Mini-Heroes, Sierra, has named him "Cinder".


Can you stop her from bein' so cheerful? 

Welladay!  Here we go!

Tempest is adopted!
Stormy is adopted!
Ginger and Roman are both adopted!

Everypony went to amazing homes where they are thriving!

TJ is now back with us at our overflow barn, hanging out with Jupiter.  It was time to bring him out of his foster home to test how he now deals with life.  He is doing great!  You can really tell that he wants to be a good horse.  No more overt aggression issues - phewf!  Now he just needs to learn about space and manners.

Timothy is still waiting for his surgery, but it won't be long now.  The good thing about the long wait is that he is now fit as a fiddle after having lost an amazing amount of weight!  That is only to the good when facing a surgery such as this.

Now, it has been longer than normal between blog entries (my apologies!) and so we have had a few Minis come in, get all fixed up, and find homes in record times!

We had a handsome fellow named Bandit come through.  He was a senior stallion who is now a terrific gelding and is settling in well as a babysitter for a retired TB.  We had a very sweet mare named Faline who was snapped up too.  Then there was baby Marquis - too adorable for words and perfect for a family on our waiting list!  Sadly, we also had a very sweet mare named Emma come in, but she was beyond our help.  We made the tough call to euthanize her.

We also currently have a fun pair named Merrilee and Paddington.  They are quite nervous about being caught, but really seem to know their stuff once you have them in hand.  It's going to be fun working with them.  We love to see them finally realize that humans can be trusted.

So, we are still just rolling along, as you can see.  I've got a couple on my radar who should be arriving within a week or so I think... on we go.  If you enjoy reading about our work with the Minis and would like to help us keep going, please check out our TEAM page.  This is the absolute best way to have a little go a long way.  We just received word that our main supporting Foundation is shutting down and so we need to develop alternative support.  If all of our fans gave $5/month - there would be no stopping us!  Go TEAM!  


Here's a photo of Jupiter and TJ hanging out.  We couldn't resist making them a pair!  LOL

I got no grudge. 

Heeeeeeey!  Long time no blog!  We've still been here, just truckin' along!  Let's see...

Tempest has been having a lovely time at her foster home.  She is really doing super and is much more outgoing now.  TJ is doing great too, at the same place.  He is much more comfortable with humans, even in groups, and seems to really enjoy obstacle work.

Zephyr is adopted!  Tolmie is adopted!  Savvy is adopted!  HappyGoLucky is adopted!  Breeze is adopted!  Ginny is adopted!  Opal is adopted!  Wow - it's been a good run!  They all went to fabulous homes that completely suited their personalities and skills.  Really wonderful matches!  Zephyr is driving, Tolmie is in a neighbourhood children's program, Savvy has a little girl to call his own, Hap gets to go on adventures, Breeze is in a children's therapy program, Ginny has a twin to drive with and Opal is a pampered princess in Southlands!  LOL

Stormy is on the verge of being adopted as well!

Timothy is back here at our main facility.  He is looking fantastic!  His foster family did a great job getting him into better shape for his surgery.  That should happen in May hopefully as our vet's hand is healing well.

Ginger and Roman are so utterly adorable and have wonderful personalities.  They are a pleasure to have around.

We also have a little guy currently en route, who should arrive this evening.  We are looking forward to meeting him and helping him out, starting with gelding surgery on Thursday.

Here's a lovely shot we got from Hap's adopters... it's him and his new big buddy.  They hit it off right away and are best friends.


Light it. 


So, what's been happening?  Let's see.....

Tempest is ready to head off to a foster home tomorrow.  It has been a really long road with this beautiful girl, but she is making great strides.  Now she is ready for some one on one to hopefully take her to the next level.  I have never had a Mini in with so much fear.  Luckily, Tempest honestly is interested in being around us and is willing to work with us.

Zephyr was sent for driving training.  This big boy really needed a job!  He is apparently turning some heads and there is talk of an adoption in the works there!

TJ is continuing his life as a metaphorical onion at his foster home.  He is making progress, one layer at a time.

Tolmie will be returning from his foster home tomorrow.  His gut issues (from ulcers) appear to be under control and so it's time to test his ability to handle a change.

Savvy is now at our overflow barn.  He is best buds with the host Mini there, Jupiter.  Savvy has just blossomed into a very fun little Mini.  No more major fear issues and he is in great shape!  I'll throw a great photo of him in here from the other day...

HappyGoLucky has also just been brought to the overflow barn.  He is really loving going for walks on all the trails there.  I would love to see him start driving perhaps.

Chipper is adopted!  Aurora is adopted!  Lark and Wren are both adopted!  Jack and Ani are adopted!

Timothy is still at his foster home awaiting surgery.  Our surgical vet has a broken hand, so he is just hanging out for a while until we can do his crypt surgery.  He is doing great and gets to go for lots of walks there!

Breeze is the current star of our main facility.  She is such a hilarious little thing!  

So, that brings us to new arrivals...

We were happy to welcome Stormy and Ginny, who were seized by the SPCA last year.  They are both doing well now and we are very happy to assist in continuing their rehabilitation process.

We also welcomed back our darling girl, Opal.  She had to return to us yet once again when her adopter faced some life changes.  I jokingly refer to Opal as "Boomerang" now.  She holds the record for most times returned (3) but it is never the fault of this sweet girl... just circumstances.  We are always happy to take our Minis back.  Of course we would prefer that all placements were permanent, but we fully understand that things can happen that impact the ability to have and care for horses.  We just want what is best for everybody.

I guess that brings us up to yesterday.  We went for a bit of a drive and picked up the tiniest little pair of Minis.  Very friendly and very cute!  Ginger and Roman needed a place to go as their family is breaking up.  They are settling in well and next week will be a busy one for them as they meet our vet, among other things.  :)

She understands. She doesn't comprehend. 

Well.  It's been a bit of a year, hey?  

We had our slowest spring on record... and yet we still had 60 Minis in our care throughout the year.  (Which makes it our second busiest year ever.)  Crazy!

So, let's have our final re-cap of 2015!

Tempest and Zephyr are paddock-mates here and make quite a cute pair!  They are doing well.

TJ and Tolmie are doing great in their foster home.

Savvy has returned to the main facility from his foster home and is mingling with HappyGoLucky and Chipper. 

Levi was adopted by his foster family!

Aurora has been moved to my house and she is absolutely loving walking out on the trails!  I think she'll make a great little driving horse!

Lark and Wren are headed off to a great foster home tomorrow.  They will be up for adoption separately in February, once Wren is weaned.

Jack is still waiting to go to his adoptive home.  He and Ani are hanging out at my house and doing good here.  

Timothy is in a foster home down the street and doing well.  He gets to go for lots of walks!

Other than that, we have one new arrival.  Little Breeze made quite the entrance with a horribly overgrown hoof.  She is doing much better already though and will be up for adoption in January.  She is a total doll!

I would just like to say thank you so much to all of our adopters, volunteers and supporters for a terrific year!  60 Minis helped and all costs covered!  Success!

Thank you all and have a Happy New Year!


Sure, I got a secret. 

Okay, I have been putting off writing this entry as we have had 10 adoptions pending!  But, they are trickling through so I thought I had better just do it.  I just don't usually say that horses are adopted before they actually leave.  PLUS - There are a couple here who I can't say at all that they are leaving, because they are surprise Christmas presents for some members of the families.  LOL

What I can tell you is...  

Hannah and Ariel were adopted today by their foster home!  They get to stay together and are already much loved there!

Summer, Juneau and Echo (who came back to us again) are all headed to their homes tomorrow!

Tempest, I am sure, is about to become a new and more relaxed horse once Juneau and Summer leave - as they are her kids.  She will now be able to just chill and focus on herself.

TJ and Savvy are still doing well in foster care, as is Levi.

Sprocket and Jaunty did indeed hit it off and were adopted as a pair!

Aurora and Tolmie are still hanging out.  Tolmie has a home waiting for him as soon as his gut issues heal up.  He is much perkier these days!

Rainbow Dash and Sky Wishes both have adoption pending!  They are hanging out at my house until they can go to their homes.

Chipper and HappyGoLucky are still at our main facility.  Chip is doing so much better now that his feet are trimmed and he's used to them.  Hap is healing well from his cryptorchid surgery.

Lark and Wren will be with us until February when Wren can be weaned.  They are not well matched as a permanent pair.

So then we have some new arrivals as well since I last blogged.  Jack and Ani are the sweetest little ones.  Jack has a home waiting in January once he's healed up from his gelding surgery and Ani is now up for adoption since we have determined that she is not pregnant.

Timothy is yet another cryptorchid stallion who made his way to us after being dumped post-season by a petting zoo.  Our vet has broken her hand, so he is going to hang out and lose weight until February when he'll get his big surgery.

Zephyr is our latest boy to arrive.  He is very handsome and though a bit shy, he is very interested in us.

Other than that, I just want to remind ya'll about our Gift-of-Giving Certificates.  They make terrific stocking stuffers, or presents for your friends and family.  Available in cute/funny or classic designs in a range of dollar amounts - you can't go wrong helping out the Minis!

Here's Zephyr!