Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniature Horse Haven Society is located in Yarrow (Chilliwack) BC.

We still have around 200 Miniature Horses that are under our umbrella.  From time to time, due to changes in their adopter's lives, they may need to find a new home.  

We do not currently have any Minis up for adoption.

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Adoption Application...

- You must live in British Columbia.

- We require a reference from the applicant's veterinarian and farrier.

- We require recent photos of the facility and enclosures where the Miniature Horse will be kept.

- We require recent photos of the applicant's current equines.

- We may send a representative to view the premises prior to an adoptive home being approved.

It is in our mandate to determine that an applicant will uphold our standard of Miniature Horse care, and have open and honest dealings with Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniature Horse Haven Society throughout the application process and throughout the life of the Miniature Horse.

Please fully fill out the Application form below to apply for a specific Miniature Horse. 

* We have been having issues with receiving applications sent from cell phones, so please either send from a computer or double-check with us that it came through.  Thanks!