Mulligan was our little Ambassador for nearly nine years.  He had a permanent grin and was always happy to welcome the new Minis when they arrived here at Pipsqueak Paddocks.  He was a first pal for horses who had been isolated their entire lives, and "uncle" to many, many foals.  He absolutely loved "his girls" and was always ready to hang out with the guys as well.  There never was a better friend than Mulligan.  

His dwarfism finally caught up to him just before his ninth birthday.  We would like to thank our farrier, Taylor Josiassen, for her years of dedication in "glueing Mullgian's feet back on" as we called it.  She constantly crafted supports for him that kept him happily romping around.  She was there the day the decision was made to let him go, and we are at peace with it.

I was sad, when we decided that it was the day, sad that is was a cloudy day because Mulligan loved the sunshine.  No sooner than I had that thought though, the clouds seemed to magically blow away and the entire afternoon was sunny and as warm as a March day could be.  Mulligan went easily, surrounded by his family.  

Run free, little buddy, you've earned it.