Define "interesting".


So, many, many, many things have been going on.  I'll start with the old crew...

Timothy was adopted!  YAY!  He went to a fabulous home where they say he's doing just great!

Cinder was indeed adopted to go be Whisper's pal.  She came down here to meet him, and then he stuck to her like glue when they went home.  He will love roaming the hillside acreage with her!

We had a couple of really quick in-an-outs because they were just too adorable for their foster families to bear.  LOL  Buddy and Toblerone were experts at batting their eyelashes and so ended up adopted immediately.

We have two new arrivals, Sam and Delilah who are just delightful.  They will soon be ready to go.

THEN, I have 8 Minis on the Island that I've been juggling.  Peter Pan has made it over here to our main facility... a darling lad who is about a 1 on the body scale.  27 years old and a real dear.  The other 5 from his herd are at a foster home on the Island until we can arrange transport - or until they are adopted... which 3, and maybe 4 as of this minute have been!  Another pair being picked up next week will make their way here.  

NOW, I have just gotten word of 4 up in Armstrong who need to make their way down here ASAP.  Always something happening!

I think that is all there is... ALL there is... hahaha.  If you guys only knew how much paperwork and physical work, heck - AND mental work each Mini generates... LOL  They are lucky they are cute!  :D

Here is a shot of the ever-sweet pair, Sam and Delilah...


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